Welcome to the locator.stanford.edu Geocoder

The Main REST API Service Endpoint is at: https://locator.stanford.edu/arcgis


Geocoding, in the context of this service, is the use of reference datasets (such as street networks, administrative boundaries and gazetteers) to convert text-based locations (such as street addresses, administrative units or placenames) into explicit locations, or latitude/longitude coordinate pairs, in most use cases. These resulting coordinates are often used to extract values from other datasets, based upon location, or for measurement of proximity to other features and phenomena.

The Stanford Geospatial Center has been developing our internal geocoding infrastructure, specifically for research-based use cases. This is our ALPHA Geocoding Server, based upon Esri's ArcGIS Server technology. The server currently provides geocoding services for:

Data documentation

Links to full documentation for the data and "locators" used in this service can be found, below:

Some important points about the current service:

Connecting to locator.stanford.edu Services

locator.stanford.edu is IP restricted to Stanford Network IP addresses, including VPN. If you find that you are unable to connect to the services, try using AnyConnect VPN to connect to the Stanford Network. If you find that you are unable to connec tto services, even when using VPN, please contact stacemaples@stanford.edu

Using Esri Desktop clients

ArcGIS Desktop

Add ArcGIS Server

note that you must change the URL from http to https

Server URL

Continue the geocoding process. You can find out more about the Geocoding Tools in ArcGIS Desktop, here:

Esri's "Introducing Geocoding" documentation

ArcGIS Pro

note that you DO NOT need to change the URL from http to https, in this case

Esri's "Introducing Geocoding" documentation

Accessing through the REST API

You can use the geocoding services through the REST API to locator.stanford.edu services at https://locator.stanford.edu/arcgis/

Full documentation of the ArcGIS Server 1.9.1 REST API can be found at: https://locator.stanford.edu/arcgis/sdk/rest/index.html

Documentation of the Geocoding Tools available through the REST API are found at: https://locator.stanford.edu/arcgis/sdk/rest/index.html#/Geocode_Addresses/02ss00000040000000/

Service Endpoints are as follows:

R & RStudio

Our colleague, Claudia Engel, from The Center for Interdisciplinary Digital Research, has created a repository with support materials for accessing the locator.stanford.edu services, from R and RStudio:


You can access the locator.stanford.edu services, directly, using the ArcGIS REST API. The use of the API is well documented in the ArcGIS REST API Services Reference, and in particular the following sections:

More Information

Esri's "Introducing Geocoding" documentation